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excavator/dozer stainless steel 4TNV94 cylinder liner
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excavator/dozer stainless steel 4TNV94 cylinder liner

  • 4TNV94
  • GT





Liner kits
Engine  Part No. Engine  Part No.
3064, 3066  2977752LK 3406 7N3509LK
3114, 3116  1077553LK 3406 7N3633LK
3114, 3116  6I4248LK 3406 9Y4004LK
3114, 3116 IND. 1051710LK 3406, 3408, 3412  6N4080LK
3114, 3116 IND. 7C5668LK 3406, 3408, 3412  6N4126LK
3114, 3116 IND.  7E3428LK 3406, 3408, 3412*  7N3511LK
3114, 3116 TRUCK 1014495LK 3406B  9Y3116LK
3114, 3116 TRUCK* 6I1144LK 3406B,3406C TRUCK*  7E8700LK
3114, 3116 IND. 1077563LK 3406B, 3406C  9Y9889LK
3116 4P2990LK 3406B,3406C,TRUCK*  7E0292LK
3116, 3116 IND. 1154124LK 3406C  1175063LK
3126 1334983LK 3406C  1168154LK
3126 1504621LK  3406C TRUCK*  1010016LK 
3176, C10 1337098LK 3406C TRUCK  1601131LK
3204 6N4221LK 3406C TRUCK*  7E0539LK
3204, 3208  7E4729LK 3406E  1352837LK
3204, 3208  9L7737-3LK 3406E  1495566LK
3208 9L7737LK 3412C  9Y7212LK
32,043,208  STD 2W4831LK 3508, 3512, 3516  7C2431LK
3304, 3306 1073565LK 3508, 3512, 3516  9Y4124LK
3304, 3306  1290358LK C9  1979297LK
3304, 3306  1548087LK C15  1807352LK
3304, 3306  1646560LK D349  8N0931LK
3304, 3306  1654262LK D315,D315G,D318,D318G  8H2000LK
3304, 3306  1684531LK D330,D333,D330A,D333A  2M5558LK
3304, 3306  8N3180LK D334  5S2886LK
3304, 3306  8N3182LK D343  9N2874LK
3304, 3306  8N3184LK D379,D398,D399,G398,G399  7N4515LK
3304, 3306  9N5403LK D353, D9H  7N5036LK
3306 9N5250LK G342, D342, D339  7N1366LK
3406 7E8656LK    


1.What are cylinder block liners?
Cylinder liners. Wet liner cylinder blocks use cylinder walls that are entirely removable, which fit into the block by means of special gaskets. They are referred to as "wet liners" because their outer sides come in direct contact with the engine's coolant. How do you bore and sleeve a cylinder?
A dry sleeve is either cast into or press fit into the bore of the block. The aluminum bore transfers heat from the sleeve to the coolant contacting the bore. Simply put, a dry sleeve does not contact the coolant. Rather, it is installed into the wall of the cooling jacket in the cylinder block.
2.What is the work of cylinder in engine?
A cylinder is the central working part of a reciprocating engine or pump, the space in which a piston travels. Multiple cylinders are commonly arranged side by side in a bank, or engine block, which is typically cast from aluminum or cast iron before receiving precision machine work.
3.Why are cylinder liners used?
Compression gas sealing. The cylinder liner prevents the compressed gas and combustion gas from escaping outside. It is necessary that a cylinder liner which is hard to transform by high pressure and high temperature in the cylinder. ... For that reason, cast iron cylinder liners are used in most cases.
4.Why is cylinder liner protrusion important?
The main purpose of cylinder liner or sleeve protrusion is to give you the proper amount of "crush" on your cylinder head gasket. This ensures that once torqued, your cylinder head crushes the gasket evenly and to the correct specificatio


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