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SK045-2 idler bulldozer parts
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SK045-2 idler bulldozer parts

Hundreds type of Idler for Komatsu,Caterpillar,Samsung,Volvo,Yutani,Linkbelt,John deere,and etc. Material:40SiMn

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Product Description


Xiamen Globe Truth (GT) Industries Co., Ltd.
Product  Information Undercarriage parts/idler/front idler
Material 40Mn2/40Mn/40SiMnTi
Finish Smooth
Colors Black or yellow
Technique Forging & casting
Surface Hardness HRC50-56,deepth:4mm-10mm
Warranty Time 2000 hour (Normal life 4000 hours)
Certification ISO9001-9002
FOB Price FOB XIAMEN USD 50-450/piece
MOQ 2 piece
Delivery Time Within 30 days after contract established
Package Fumigate seaworthy packing
Payment Term

(1) T/T,30% in deposit,balance on the receipt of copy of B/L

(2)L/C,Irrevocable letter of credit at sight

Business Scope

Bulldozer & excavator undercarriage parts,underground engage tools,hydraulic track press,hydraulic pump etc...

 IMG20161019140710_3549784.jpg IMG20161019140721_4286630.jpg

Advantages / Features:

1.Select a wide of front idler which is suitable for the range from 0.2 to 120 tons of shoes type excavators, bulldozers and special machinery.

2.Sepecial heat treatment process results in longer life, the greatest degree of under heavy load, and prevent fragmentation.

3.Use low and high-double seal makes it life lubrication,it is suitable for standard and specail temperature appication.

4.Choose a broad range of spring reulator, high flexibility and hydrocarbon-type relulator which is applications for mine working condiction.



Idler group for SAMSUNG、caterpillar 、komatsu etc。。。



No Maker Description Model Berco P/NO OEM P/NO Weight
1 Caterpiller Idler Group E307
2 Caterpiller Idler Group E120B / 311 / 312
4I7337 90Kgs
3 Caterpiller Idler Group E200B / EL200B CR5732 113-2907 135Kgs
3 Caterpiller Idler Group E240 / EL240
941384 121Kgs
4 Caterpiller Idler Group E300B / EL300
096-0253 198Kgs
5 Caterpiller Idler Group 320 / 315 / 320L CR5732 113-2907   135Kgs
6 Caterpiller Idler Group 322B cr5786 115-6337 132Kgs
7 Caterpiller Idler Group 325 / 325L
102-8155 170Kgs
8 Caterpiller Idler Group 330 / 330L CR6087 102-8152 240Kgs
9 Caterpiller Idler Group 345B
115-6366 240Kgs
10 Caterpiller Idler Group 350 CR6403 135-8903 350Kgs
11 Caterpiller Idler Group D3C CR3004 9N4173 110Kgs
12 Caterpiller Idler Group D4D-E / 941 CR3287 1M8867 & WS3 &BKT 135Kgs
13 Caterpiller Idler / Shaft D4D-E / 941 CR3286 1M8867 & WS3 128Kgs
14 Caterpiller Idler Shell D4D-E / 941 CR1515E 1M8867 115Kgs
15 Caterpiller Idler Group D4D-E / 941 CR3661 3K2866 & WS3 &BKT 135Kgs
16 Caterpiller Idler / Shaft D4D-E / 941 CR3660 3K2866 & WS3 128Kgs
17 Caterpiller Idler Shell D4D-E / 941 CR1439C 3K2866 115Kgs
18 Caterpiller Idler Group 943 CR3750 7P8917 168Kgs
19 Caterpiller Idler Group D4H ( 500 mm ) CR4585 160-9753 90Kgs
20 Caterpiller Idler Group D4H ( 475 mm ) CR4587 190-1551 81Kgs
21 Caterpiller Idler Group D5-B CR3190 7T3501 & WS3 & BKT 164Kgs
22 Caterpiller Idler / Shaft D5-B CR3189 7T3501 & WS3 135Kgs
23 Caterpiller Idler Shell D5-B
7T3501 110Kgs
24 Caterpiller Idler Group 953-C
7P9017 185Kgs
25 Caterpiller Idler Group D5-C
9U9065 175Kgs
26 Caterpiller Idler Group D5H CR4589 161-7549 112Kgs
27 Caterpiller Idler Group D6C-D CR4094 7T4562 & WS1 & BKT 170Kgs
28 Caterpiller Idler / Shaft D6C-D CR1833A 7T4562 & WS1 170Kgs
29 Caterpiller Idler Shell D6C-D CR1834C 7T4562 170Kgs
30 Caterpiller Idler Group 963-B
7P2719 195Kgs
31 Caterpiller Idler Group D6H ( 545 mm ) CR4909 151-4587 147Kgs
32 Caterpiller Idler Group D6H ( 570 mm ) CR4616 149-2493 159Kgs
33 Caterpiller Idler Group D7F-G CR4095 7T4509 & WS1 & BKT 265Kgs
34 Caterpiller Idler / Shaft D7F-G CR2698 7T4509 & WS1 235Kgs
35 Caterpiller Idler Shell D7F-G CR1168F 7T4509 205Kgs
36 Caterpillar Idler Group 973
7T4509 &  WS5 & BKT
37 Caterpiller Idler Group D7H (585mm) CR4911 6Y2031/135-9896 240Kgs
38 Caterpiller Idler Group D7H (628mm) CR4593 9W7647 260Kgs
39 Caterpiller Idler Group D8H-K CR4096 9S7221 & WS1 & BKT 340Kgs
40 Caterpiller Idler / Shaft D8H-K CR2637 9S7221 & WS1 340Kgs
41 Caterpiller Idler Shell D8H-K CR1227C 9S7221 340Kgs
42 Caterpiller Idler Group D8N ( 698mm) CR4530 111-1730/9w9989 340Kgs
43 Caterpiller Idler Group D8N ( 620mm ) CR4531 111-1729 296Kgs
44 Caterpiller Idler Group D9G-H CR4098 5S1532 & WS1 & BKT 380Kgs
45 Caterpiller Idler Group D9G-H CR2744 5S1532 & WS1 380Kgs
46 Caterpiller Idler Group D9G-H CR1506B 5S1532 380Kgs
47 Caterpiller Idler Group D9L
9W6039 480Kgs
48 Caterpiller Idler Group D9N - R CR4681 125-4655 432Kgs
49 Caterpiller Idler Group D10N-R
125-3537 620Kgs
50 Caterpiller Idler Group D11N-R
156-0313 910Kgs
51 Mitsubishi Idler Group BS3F L/H
58843-10020 57Kgs
52 Mitsubishi Idler Group BS3F R/H
58843-10021 57Kgs
53 DAEWOO Idler Group S50
2270-1040C 36Kgs
54 DAEWOO Idler Group S130/130-3
2270-1052 98Kgs
55 DAEWOO Idler Group S200LC / S220LC / S220LC-3 / S220LC-5
2270-1064P /2270-1108 130Kgs
56 DAEWOO Idler Group S280LC / S280LC-3 / S280LC-5 / S320
2270-1028P 180Kgs
57 DAEWOO Idler Group S360LC-3 / S400LC-3
2270-9009A 230Kgs
58 DAEWOO Idler Group S450LC-3
2270-9405E 260Kgs
59 DAEWOO Idler Group S450 
2270-9405B 260Kgs
60 HITACHI Idler Group EX60-1
9068477/9097574 60Kgs
61 HITACHI Idler Group EX60-3
9097575 55Kgs
62 HITACHI Idler Group EX100-1 / EX120-1
9068144 82Kgs
63 HITACHI Idler Group EX100-2 / EX120-2
9092973 82Kgs
64 HITACHI Idler Group EX100M-1
9071453 135Kgs
65 HITACHI Idler Group EX100M-5
9147610 135Kgs
66 HITACHI Idler Group EX150 
9069635 103Kgs
67 HITACHI Idler Group EX200-1/EX200LC
9066393 130Kgs
68 HITACHI Idler Group EX200-2 / 3 / 5 SI 738 9145269 122Kgs
69 HITACHI Idler Group EX270-1/2 / EX300-1/2/3 SI 824 9115208 154Kgs
70 HITACHI Idler Group EX300-5
9145690 177Kgs
71 HITACHI Idler Group EX400 / 400-1
9074011 232Kgs
72 HYUNDAI Idler Group R210, HX80, MX8
E181-2004 147Kgs
73 HYUNDAI Idler Group R210-3
81EM-14010 125Kgs
74 HYUNDAI Idler Group R2800KLC

75 HYUNDAI Idler Group HX100, DH280, 10
E282-2004 170Kgs
76 HYUNDAI Idler Group ROBEX290
81E8-2004 195Kgs
77 HYUNDAI Idler Group ROBEX130-7

78 HYUNDAI Idler Group ROBEX210-7

79 HYUNDAI Idler Group ROBEX290-7

80 JohnDeere Idler Group JD450B-G ID0450 AT32571 105Kgs
81 JohnDeere Idler Group JD 450H ID1820 AT210558 101Kgs
82 JohnDeere Idler Group JD 650H ID1821 AT211283 121Kgs
83 JohnDeere Idler Group JD750C

84 JohnDeere Idler Group JD700H

85 JohnDeere Idler Group 690D ID 609 AT 47057 115Kgs
86 JohnDeere Idler Group 690E ID892A AT 152096 118Kgs
87 JohnDeere Idler Group 790D
AT172699 122Kgs
88 JohnDeere Idler Group 790E

89 JohnDeere Idler Group 792D / 892D /892E
AT159063 154Kgs
90 JohnDeere Idler Group 992D/992E
AT167210 232Kgs
91 Link-Belt Idler Group LS2650C2
KNA0375 81Kgs
92 Link-Belt Idler Group LS2650Q
KNA0540 91Kgs
93 Link-Belt Idler Group LS2800C2
KRA0946 108Kgs
94 Link-Belt Idler Group LS2800Q
KRA1198 99Kgs
95 Link-Belt Idler Group LS3400C2
96 Link-Belt Idler Group LS3400Q
97 Link-Belt Idler Group LS4300C2
98 Link-Belt Idler Group LS4300Q
99 Kobelco Idler Group SK07N2
24100N4064F1 143Kgs
100 Kobelco Idler Group SK09N2
24100J6379F1 148Kgs
101 Kobelco Idler Group SK100/SK120
24100N6504F1 105Kgs
102 Kobelco Idler Group SK200
24100N5948F2 124Kgs
103 Kobelco Idler Group SK220
24100J11697F1 150Kgs
104 Kobelco Idler Group SK300 
24100N3099F4 225Kgs
105 Kobelco Idler Group SK400 

107 Komatsu Idler Group PC60-5
201-30-00012 62Kgs
108 Komatsu Idler Group PC60-7

109 Komatsu Idler Group PC120-3
203-30-00100 80Kgs
110 Komatsu Idler Group PC120-5
203-30-00133 80Kgs
111 Komatsu Idler Group PC200-3 KM 1641 205-30-00182 133Kgs
112 Komatsu Idler Group PC200-5 KM 1642 20Y-30-00030 125Kgs
113 Komatsu Idler Group PC300-3 KM2018 207-30-00071 190Kgs
114 Komatsu Idler Group PC300-5 KM 1927 207-30-00160 185Kgs
115 Komatsu Idler Group PC400-3
205-30-00070 305Kgs
116 Komatsu Idler Group PC400-5/6 KM 1973 208-30-00200 293Kgs
117 Komatsu Idler Group D20/D21 KM0914 103-30-00110/103-30-00120 62Kgs
118 Komatsu Idler Group D31-17
113-27-31320 90Kgs
119 Komatsu Idler Group D41P-6
120 Komatsu Idler Group D50-17
121 Komatsu Idler Group D65-8 w/ Bracket KM0834 144-30-00038 209Kgs
122 Komatsu Idler Shell D65-6
144-30-00038 178Kgs
123 Komatsu Idler Group D65E-12
14X-30-00112 195Kgs
124 Komatsu Idler Group D85A-18
154-30-00293 345Kgs
125 Komatsu Idler Group D155A-2
175-30-00575 420Kgs
126 Sumitomo Idler Group LS2650FJ2/S260FJ2
KNA0375 81Kgs
127 Sumitomo Idler Group SH120
KNA0540 91Kgs
128 Sumitomo Idler Group LS2800FJ2/S280FJ2
KRA0946 108Kgs
129 Sumitomo Idler Group SH200
KRA1198 99Kgs
130 Sumitomo Idler Group LS3400FJ2
131 Sumitomo Idler Group SH220
132 Sumitomo Idler Group LS4300FJ2
133 Sumitomo Idler Group SH300




Professional and Reliable Supplier

Xiamen Globe Truth (GT) Industries Co., Ltd. established in 1998 has more than 18 years' international trading experience in a wide range of construction machine spare parts.

World Wide Sales Market

The company cooperates with different clients from more than 80 countries around the world. Our main markets are in the USA, Europe, Mid-east, South America, Australia, South East Asia, etc.

Buyer Feedback




Company Information


Our Services


1. Quality guarantee
2. Technical support
3. Gather different parts into one container 
4. Unobstructed communion 
5. Delivery Merchandise in time 
6. LCL is acceptable
7. OEM parts number guidance
8. Producing according to drawings.


1. You are a trader or a manufacture?

    We are an industry and trade integration business, our factory located on Quanzhou Nanan Distric, and our sales department is in City centre of Xiamen. The distance is  80Kms, 1.5 hours.

2. How can I be sure the part will fit my excavator?

    Give us correct model number/machine serial number/ any numbers on the parts itself. Or measure the parts give us dimension or drawing.

3. How about the payment terms?

     We usually accept T/T or L/C. other terms also could be negotiated.

4. What is your minimum order?

     It depends on what you are buying. Normally, our minimum order is USD5000. one 20’ full container and LCL container (less than a container load) can be acceptable.

5. What is your delivery time?

     FOB Xiamen or any Chinese port : 35-45 days . If there are any parts in stock , our delivery time is only 7-10 days. 

6. What about Quality Control?

    We have a perfect QC system for the perfect products. A team who will detect the product quality and specification piece carefully, monitoring every production process until packing is complete, to ensure product safety into container.



Contact us.

Contact us if you would like any further details or information on any of High quality machinery spare parts , and we will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.


E-MAIL:sunny@xmgt.net  hocking@xmgt.net

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