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PC60-5 front idler for Komatsu
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PC60-5 front idler for Komatsu

Hundreds type of Idler for Komatsu,Caterpillar,Samsung,Volvo,Yutani,Linkbelt,John deere,and etc. Material:40SiMn

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  • komatsu
  • A03009
Product Description


Xiamen Globe Truth (GT) Industries Co., Ltd.
Product  Information Undercarriage parts/idler/front idler
Material 40Mn2/40Mn/40SiMnTi
Finish Smooth
Colors Black or yellow
Technique Forging & casting
Surface Hardness HRC50-56,deepth:4mm-10mm
Warranty Time 2000 hour (Normal life 4000 hours)
Certification ISO9001-9002
FOB Price FOB XIAMEN USD 50-450/piece
MOQ 2 piece
Delivery Time Within 30 days after contract established
Package Fumigate seaworthy packing
Payment Term

(1) T/T,30% in deposit,balance on the receipt of copy of B/L

(2)L/C,Irrevocable letter of credit at sight

Business Scope

Bulldozer & excavator undercarriage parts,underground engage tools,hydraulic track press,hydraulic pump etc...


komatsu front idler front idler caterpillar

CAT320 front idler 

Advantages / Features:

1.Select a wide of front idler which is suitable for the range from 0.2 to 120 tons of shoes type excavators, bulldozers and special machinery.

2.Sepecial heat treatment process results in longer life, the greatest degree of under heavy load, and prevent fragmentation.

3.Use low and high-double seal makes it life lubrication,it is suitable for standard and specail temperature appication.

4.Choose a broad range of spring reulator, high flexibility and hydrocarbon-type relulator which is applications for mine working condiction.



Idler for komatsu

Komatsu part as follow:



Model &  Idler
 Serial Number Part No.
 PC60-1, PC60U-1   201-30-00130 
 PC60-2, PC60U-2   201-30-00130 
 PC60-3, PC60U-3   201-30-00130 
 PC60-5, PC60U-5   201-30-00012 
 PC60-6   201-30-00012 
 PC60-7   201-30-00260 
 PC60L-1   201-30-00130 
 PC60L-2   201-30-00130 
 PC60L-3   201-30-00130 
 PC60L-5   201-30-00012 
 PC60LC-6   201-30-00012 
 PC75U-1   21W-30-00011 
 PC80-1   20X-30-00011 
 PC80-3   20X-30-00100 
 PC80LC-3   20X-30-00100 
 PC90-1   20X-30-00100 
 PC100-1   202-30-00016 
 PC100-2   202-30-00016 
 PC100-3   203-30-00100 
 PC100-5   203-30-00133 
 PC100-6   203-30-00210 
 PC100L-1   204-30-00012 
 PC100L-2   204-30-00012 
 PC100L-3   204-30-00012 
 PC120-1   202-30-00016 
 PC120-2   202-30-00016 
 PC120-3   203-30-00100 
 PC120-5   203-30-00133 
 PC120-6   203-30-00210 
 PC130-6   203-30-00210 
 PC150-1   21K-30-00010 
 PC150-3   205-30-00182 
 PC150-5   205-30-00182 
 PC150-6K   20Y-30-08040 
 PC150LC-1   21K-30-00010 
 PC150LC-3   205-30-00182 
 PC150LC-5   205-30-00182 
 PC150LC-6K   20Y-30-08040 
 PC180-3   205-30-00182 
 PC180LC-3   205-30-00182 
 PC180LC-5   205-30-00182 
 PC200-1   205-30-00015 
 PC200-2   205-30-00073 
 PC200-3   205-30-00182 
 PC200-3   205-30-00182 
 PC200-5   20Y-30-00030 
 PC200-6   20Y-30-00030 
 PC200LC-3   205-30-00182 
 PC200LC-3   205-30-00182 
 PC200LC-5   20Y-30-00030 
 PC200LC-6   20Y-30-00030 
 PC200LC-7   20Y-30-00320 
 PC210-6   20Y-30-00030 
 PC210LC-6   20Y-30-00030 
 PC220-1   205-30-00015 
 PC220-2   205-30-00073 
 PC220-3   205-30-00182 
 PC220-3   205-30-00182 
 PC220-5   20Y-30-00030 
 PC220LC-3   205-30-00182 
 PC220LC-3   205-30-00182 
 PC220LC-5/6   20Y-30-00030 
 PC220LC-7   20Y-30-00320 
 PC240-3/5   205-30-00182 
 PC240LC-3   205-30-00182 
 PC250LC-6   207-30-00160 
 PC270LC-6   207-30-00160 
 PC280LC-3   207-30-00071 
 PC300-1   207-30-00013 
 PC300-2   207-30-00013 
 PC300-3   207-30-00160 
 PC300-5   207-30-00160 
 PC300-6   207-30-00160 
 PC300LC-1   207-30-00013 
 PC300LC-2   207-30-00013 
 PC300LC-3   207-30-00160 
PC300LC-5 207-30-00160
PC300LC-6 207-30-00160
PC300LC-7 207-30-00161
PC350-6 207-30-00160
PC350LC-6 207-30-00160
PC360-5 208-30-00071
PC360LC-5 208-30-00071
PC400-1 208-30-00013
PC400-3 208-30-00071
PC400-3 208-30-00071
PC400-5 208-30-00200
PC400-6 208-30-00200
PC400LC-1 208-30-00013
PC400LC-3 208-30-00071
PC400LC-3 208-30-00071
PC400LC-5 208-30-00200
PC400LC-6 208-30-00200
PC450-6 208-30-00200
PC450LC-6 208-30-00200
 PC600LC-6   21M-30-00301 
 PC650-1   209-30-00013 
 PC650-3   209-30-00013 
 PC650-5   209-30-00013 
 PC650LC-3   209-30-00013 
 PC650LC-3   209-30-00013 
 PC650SE-5   209-30-00013 
 PC710-5   209-30-00013 
 PC710SE-5   209-30-00013 
 PC750-6   209-30-00014 
 PC750LC-6   209-30-00014 
 PC1000-1   21N-30-00010 
 PC1000LC-1   21N-30-00010 
 PC1100-6   21N-30-00110 
 PC1100LC-6   21N-30-00110

Types for :


ED150    YN52D00009F1    SK210LC-6E ACERA    YN52D00009F1  
 ED180    24100N10081F1    SK220 MARK III    24100J11697F1  
 ED190LC-6E    24100N10081F1    SK220 IV STD (S/N LLU1801-UP)    LQ52DU0002F1  
 SK60 MARK III    24100N6296F1    SK220LC IV STD (S/N LLU1801-UP)    LQ52DU0002F1  
 SK60 MARK IV    24100N6296F1    SK220 MARK IV (HD)    24100J11697F1  
 SK70SR    YT52D00002F1    SK220LC MARK IV (HD)    24100J11697F1  
 SK100 MARK III    24100N6504F1    SK235SR    YN52D00009F1  
 SK110 MARK IV    24100N6504F1    SK235SRLC    YN52D00009F1  
 SK115DZ MARK IV    24100N6504F1    SK250 MARK IV    24100J11697F1  
 SK115SRDZ    YX52D00003F1    SK250LC MARK IV    24100J11697F1  
 SK120 MARK III/IV    24100N6504F1    SK250NLC MARK IV    24100J11697F1  
 SK120LC MARK III/IV    24100N6504F1    SK250LC ACERA (STANDARD U/C)    YN52D00009F1  
 SK130 MARK IV    24100N6504F1    SK250LC ACERA (HIGH & WIDE U/C)    LB52D00002F1  
 SK130LC MARK IV    24100N6504F1    SK270 MARK IV    LC52DU0001F1  
 SK135SRL (STD U/C)    YV52D000002F1    SK270LC MARK IV    LC52DU0001F1  
 SK135SRL (HD U/C)    YN52D00009F1    SK290LC ACERA (STANDARD U/C)    LB52D00002F1  
 SK135SRLC    YV52D000002F1    SK290LC ACERA (HIGH & WIDE U/C)    LB52D00002F1  
 SK150LC MARK III    24100N5948F2    SK300 MARK III    LC52DU0001F1  
 SK150LC MARK IV    24100N5948F2    SK300 MARK IV    LC52DU0001F1  
 SK160LC ACERA    YN52D00009F1    SK300LC MARK III    LC52DU0001F1  
 SK160LC-6E ACERA    YN52D00009F1    SK300LC MARK IV    LC52DU0001F1  
 SK200 MARK III    24100N5948F2    SK330LC ACERA (STANDARD U/C)    LC52D00002F1  
 SK200 MARK IV    24100N5948F2    SK330LC ACERA (HIGH & WIDE U/C)    LC52D00002F1  
 SK200LC MARK III    24100N5948F2    SK400 MARK III    LS52DU0001F1  
 SK200LC MARK IV    24100N5948F2    SK400 MARK IV    LS52DU0001F1  
 SK200SR    YN52D00009F1    SK400LC MARK III    LS52DU0001F1  
 SK200SRLC    YN52D00009F1    SK400LC MARK IV    LS52DU0001F1  
 SK210LC ACERA    YN52D00009F1    SK480LC ACERA    LS52D00002F1  


Professional and Reliable Supplier

Xiamen Globe Truth (GT) Industries Co., Ltd. established in 1998 has more than 18 years' international trading experience in a wide range of construction machine spare parts.

World Wide Sales Market

The company cooperates with different clients from more than 80 countries around the world. Our main markets are in the USA, Europe, Mid-east, South America, Australia, South East Asia, etc.

Buyer Feedback




Company Information


Our Services


1. Quality guarantee
2. Technical support
3. Gather different parts into one container 
4. Unobstructed communion 
5. Delivery Merchandise in time 
6. LCL is acceptable
7. OEM parts number guidance
8. Producing according to drawings.


1. You are a trader or a manufacture?

    We are an industry and trade integration business, our factory located on Quanzhou Nanan Distric, and our sales department is in City centre of Xiamen. The distance is  80Kms, 1.5 hours.

2. How can I be sure the part will fit my excavator?

    Give us correct model number/machine serial number/ any numbers on the parts itself. Or measure the parts give us dimension or drawing.

3. How about the payment terms?

     We usually accept T/T or L/C. other terms also could be negotiated.

4. What is your minimum order?

     It depends on what you are buying. Normally, our minimum order is USD5000. one 20’ full container and LCL container (less than a container load) can be acceptable.

5. What is your delivery time?

     FOB Xiamen or any Chinese port : 35-45 days . If there are any parts in stock , our delivery time is only 7-10 days. 

6. What about Quality Control?

    We have a perfect QC system for the perfect products. A team who will detect the product quality and specification piece carefully, monitoring every production process until packing is complete, to ensure product safety into container.



Contact us.

Contact us if you would like any further details or information on any of High quality machinery spare parts , and we will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.


E-MAIL:sunny@xmgt.net  hocking@xmgt.net

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