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Excavator Engine Crankshaft/Crank Shaft
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Excavator Engine Crankshaft/Crank Shaft

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It is a component of a reciprocating piston engine that converts the kinetic energy of a linear reciprocating motion of a piston into rotational kinetic energy. The crankshaft is mainly composed of a long shaft that can rotate. In order to convert the reciprocating motion into a rotary motion, there will be a "crank arm" or a crank pin portion on the crankshaft, and the axial center of the crankshaft and the crankshaft have radial displacement. The larger end of the piston rod is connected to the crank arm or crank pin of the crankshaft.

Excavator Engine Crankshaft/Crank Shaft

No. NAME Model Remarks
1 CRANK SHAFT 4D95/4BT3.3 Alloy steel
2 CRANK SHAFT 4BT3.9/4D102 Alloy steel
3 CRANK SHAFT 6BT5.9/6D102 Alloy steel
4 CRANK SHAFT 4D84-3 Alloy steel
5 CRANK SHAFT 4D88 Alloy steel
6 CRANK SHAFT 4TNV94/98 Alloy steel
7 CRANK SHAFT 4TNVE94/98 Alloy steel
8 CRANK SHAFT 6D105 Alloy steel
9 CRANK SHAFT 6D107 Alloy steel
10 CRANK SHAFT 6D108 Alloy steel
11 CRANK SHAFT 6D114 Alloy steel
12 CRANK SHAFT 6D125 Alloy steel
13 CRANK SHAFT 4JB1 Alloy steel
14 CRANK SHAFT 4JG1 Alloy steel
15 CRANK SHAFT 4BD1 Alloy steel
16 CRANK SHAFT 4BG1 Alloy steel
17 CRANK SHAFT 6BD1/DB58T Alloy steel
18 CRANK SHAFT 6BG1 Alloy steel
19 CRANK SHAFT 4HK1 Alloy steel
20 CRANK SHAFT 6HK1 Alloy steel
21 CRANK SHAFT 4LE1 Alloy steel
22 CRANK SHAFT 4LE2 Alloy steel
23 CRANK SHAFT S6K Alloy steel
24 CRANK SHAFT C6.4 Alloy steel
25 CRANK SHAFT 3306 Alloy steel
26 CRANK SHAFT 6D16T Alloy steel
27 CRANK SHAFT 6D16T  Alloy steel
28 CRANK SHAFT D1146T/DE08T Alloy steel
29 CRANK SHAFT J05E Alloy steel
30 CRANK SHAFT J08E Alloy steel
31 CRANK SHAFT V2203 Alloy steel
32 CRANK SHAFT V2403 Alloy steel
33 CRANK SHAFT V3300 Alloy steel
34 CRANK SHAFT V3800 Alloy steel
35 CRANK SHAFT S6K Forging
36 CRANK SHAFT 6BD1/DB58T Forging
37 CRANK SHAFT D6D Forging
38 CRANK SHAFT D6E Forging
39 CRANK SHAFT D7D Forging
40 CRANK SHAFT DE08T/D1146T Forging
41 CRANK SHAFT 6D34 Forging
42 CRANK SHAFT 6D108 Forging
43 CRANK SHAFT 6D125 Forging

Excavator Engine Crankshaft/Crank ShaftExcavator Engine Crankshaft/Crank ShaftExcavator Engine Crankshaft/Crank ShaftExcavator Engine Crankshaft/Crank ShaftExcavator Engine Crankshaft/Crank Shaft

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